Climate Week Best Campaign 2012


bridport-photo.jpgThe Bridport campaign is being run by Anne Rickard and Chris Holland. To reach the campaign, please email

Shops and businesses in Bridport are being urged to keep their doors closed against energy waste.  This is the local arm of the national ‘Close the Door’ campaign, encouraging shops to stop using expensive fuel to heat the street in winter and cool it in summer, which contributes to global warming and increases the shop’s fuel bills. The first Bridport shop to join was Jaxsons, who described it as a "no brainer", and over 20 businesses already have joined the campaign and are displaying a Close the Door sticker. If you are a local shop/business owner and would like to take part, please email us at the address above!


"At a time when we are all looking for cost savings and we are also trying to make the use of energy more efficient, it is good news that the 'Close the Door' campaign in Bridport is encouraging businesses to save energy and money by keeping doors shut when the heating or air conditioning is on."
Oliver Letwin MP (Con) West Dorset, Minister of State, Cabinet Office 

"Bridport is proud to support ‘Close The Door’ for environmental and economic reasons - why wouldn’t anyone want to support this campaign? Closing the door shows we care for the environment by saving fuel and reducing energy waste.  It also makes good business sense as it reduces our fuel bills and provides a more comfortable environment for staff and shoppers alike. Please support those businesses in and around Bridport who ‘Close the Door’."
Karen Hussey, Bridport Business (Chamber of Trade)

"We are pleased to support the Bridport Close the Door Campaign as it makes so much sense, keeping the cold out and the warm in, and consequently saving on our energy bills - but more importantly reducing our carbon footprint. We hope other Bridport retailers will also join the campaign."
Shaz and Jackie, Jaxsons Deli and Gift Store

"We're pleased with our door sticker on our main shop - it says it all!"
Linda and Frank, The Dorset Pedlar

Participating Retailers

A G Down
Bridport Mobility
Bridport Music
Carpet World 
Dorset Pedlar
Fruits of the Earth 
Good News
IJ Brown 
Joe’s Café
Miss Trudy
One Stop Money Shop
Smith & Smith
T Snook
Peach Electricals
Trading Post