Climate Week Best Campaign 2012


Marigold Lankester has set up and is leading Close the Door for Solihull. She has already gained the invaluable support of MP Lorely Burt, press coverage and is working hard to visit Solihull retailers with Maureen Weatherhead. Please contact the campaign at

"I fully support the Close the Door campaign to get shops to close their doors when using heating or air-conditioning. There are other ways of indicating you’re open for business than leaving doors wide open, particularly in freezing cold weather. Shops lose millions of pounds every year by this practice. It’s bad for the economy and bad for the planet."
Lorely Burt, Lib Dem MP Solihull

Marigold Lankester CtD Leader Solihull,  in the centre of the photo, Maureen Weatherhead on the left and Lorely Burt MP on the right