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Londonist Out Loud podcast

Posted by admin on February 2, 2014

londonist-out-loud.pngClose the Door is the focus of N Quentin Woolf's latest Londonist Out Load podcast, and it's a full 50 minutes long, giving plenty of time to get into real detail.

The podcast link is at the Londonist web site, and you can also get it from iTunes.

Radio 4 'World this Weekend' cover the campaign

Posted by admin on January 19, 2014

r4_logo.pngJeannie spoke on the Radio 4 World this Weekend programme just before the new year - listen below!

New Sunday Times coverage

Posted by admin on December 8, 2013

times_8_12_2013.jpgThe Sunday Times have featured us today in an article called "Green stores' open doors pour out CO2". Read it here (you'll need a Sunday Times account):

"BRITAIN’S festive high streets are radiating far more than just goodwill: a study has found that many of the nation’s largest — and supposedly greenest — retailers are pouring heat and greenhouse gases into the environment by keeping their doors open all through winter."

City of Westminster Councillor supports campaign

Posted by admin on December 3, 2013

westminster_logo.pngThe campaign is delighted to be supported through generous help, and this endorsement, by a prominent Councillor for the mighty City of Westminster

I thoroughly encourage the aims of the Close the Door campaign. By closing the door when the heating/air con switch goes on, or when levels of air pollution on the street outside are high, shops and restaurants save significant energy and money, reduce their own emissions and greatly enhance the health and well being of the people working in and visiting them. It improves conditions for the community in which they serve. Westminster is a world showcase and our shops could benefit greatly from adopting this as common policy. Cllr Frixos Tombolis, Ward: West End

Worcester Close the Door starts

Posted by jeannie on December 2, 2013

worcester_st.jpgAs the temperature falls and Christmas shopping gets thoroughly under way, Worcester Close the Door has started. A City Councillor has immediately endorsed the campaign:

"I was shocked to learn that closing shop doors in winter reduces energy usage and carbon emissions by up to 50%. Indeed, it is incredibly frustrating that so much energy has been wasted simply by leaving doors open. I am impressed by the Close the Door campaign, which has encouraged many people to take and support such a common-sense way of saving energy and money. I hope that many others will join the campaign" Neil Laurenson, St Stephens Ward.